About Us

MMP was founded with the mission of providing the public and private sector a safe and responsible method of disposing of obsolete electronic equipment such as cell phones, CRTs, LCD and Plasma televisions, personal computers, laptop computers, printers, telecom equipment, terminals, copiers, keyboards, toner cartridges, and other electronic surplus items. MMP is the Pioneers in the area of metals and e-waste management solutions.

Our team has more than 3 years experience in dealing with e-waste and we aim at providing a safe and healthy environment to our future generation. The ultimate aim is to help clients ensure that their business is creating a cost effective model for complying with both their legal and social responsibilities to the environment.

There are many advantages in working with a national player like MMP as we offer solutions to some complex problems of e-scrap, as we are a technology firm. We will be a one stop shop for all your E-Waste needs and we are experienced not only in the hazardous E-Waste but also the complex tax issues concerning STPI Units, SEZ and EOU Units etc.

We would appreciate if you could dispose of all the E-Waste, e-scrap, after sale service scrap and other electronic scraps generated from your concern, all over Malaysia to our methodologies are environment friendly manner.

Our company works in close coordination with some of the leading and reliable suppliers from Malaysia & overseas and manufacturers actively engaged in the trade of scrap metals. We are proud to have huge number of buyers for all kind of scrap material. We are always in search of good and reliable suppliers for any kind of metal scrap.

Our company is a strongly bonded group and work on the basis of team spirit. We have young, dynamic, enthusiastic and committed team members who believe in extremely professional approach and sincere performance.