Ferrous and Non Ferrous Scrap Metal

  Ferrous Scrap

  Heavy Melting Scrap - HMS 1 & 2

  Light Melting Scrap - LMS

  Shredded Scrap (ISRI 210,211)

  Re-rollable Scrap

  Stainless Steel Magnetic Scrap (AISI 430, 304,316)

  Used Rails

Non Ferrous Metal Scrap

  Non Ferrous Scrap

  Aluminium Scrap - (Taint Tabor,Tense,Twitch,UBC)

  Copper Scrap - (Millberry,Berry,Birch/Cliff,Clove)

  Lead Scrap - (Battery Scrap,Relay,Plates,Cables)

  Tin Scrap - (Solder Scrap, Plate & Sheet Cuttings)

  Zinc Scrap - (Zinc Ash,Dross,Skimming)

  Brass Scrap - (Honey,Ocean,Label,Turning)

  Nickel Scrap - (Nickel Silver scrap,Aroma,Burly)

imageWe are a leading metal scrap importer and exporter from all over the world. We gather non ferrous metal scrap of metals like Copper Metal Scrap , Aluminum Metal Scrap, Manganese Metal Scrap, Nickel Metal Scrap, aluminium bronze high tension brass, gun metal bronze, brass & copper pipes manganese bronze and then refurbish it into rods. Our source of scrap are highly reliable and we buy scrap only after thorough tests to give only the best products to our customers.